Panther Dominates @ LSR SpeedWay


Panther tires own Brian Strange wraps up the LSR Speedway Thursday Night Nats series. Brian was running the new Rattler 2.0 and orange inserts along with Bobcat fronts on his TLR22 BMiller teammates Eddie Bernal and Justin Moon were also on Panther tires, Rattler 2.0 Bobcats for Bernal, Switch 2.0 Bobcats for Moon. The 3 drivers were very close with the title coming down to the final round. Congratulations to Brian Strange for taking the overall!

In Pro 4 SCT Lou Figueria was simply unstoppable on his Panther tires DE wheels combination. Having wrapped up the title in R4 Lou went on to dominate R5 in the same fashion as the previous rounds. He would go on to TQ and take the win in R5 proving once and for all that the Bmiller Racing team chooses Panther DE as part of their winning combination! 2wd SC was dominated by Bmiller driver Eddie Bernal. Eddie had also wrapped up the title in R4. Eddie however would sit out R5 concentrating on trying to go for the win in Pro 2wd Buggy.

By Panther

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